J.j. Nelson high upside?

would anyone start pickup and start J.J. Nelson this week now that John Brown has been ruled out?

Cards are facing one of the worst DEFs in the league in the Colts and my other options are Sammy Watkins who Im thinking is gonna be covered by josh norman this week thus limiting his production and the other option is Jarvis Landry who word just broke out is Questionable for Sundays game

He could be a very sneaky snart

My question is…I just grabbed Agholor. Now I’m wondering if I should drop him and grab JJ while he’s still available. Would you?

Jj nelson over agholor 100% this week

I completely agree louisgedoulis about this week. Just wondering about ROS. Would hate to drop Agholor and then him bust out in a couple of weeks. Although…with JB…he seems to be down more than not. So…yeah.

Sorry david_gilbert. Just realized I kinda honed in on your post. My apologies!!!

Nelson has been suggested on NFL network and some others. He is a Gabriel for ATL type guy to me. Fast and dangerous with the ball but doesn’t seem to get it enough. I think AZ is going to shake things up via pass with Johnson out. So I think he’s worth the risk.

That’s kinda my thinking conan_russell. But with the way the WW goes nuts the first couple of weeks after the players start showing their stuff…well…you know…just gets REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hard to know what to expect and you REALLY, REALLY, REALLY kick yourself down the road when you see someone else “cleaning up” with a player you “came soooo close to grabbing…but didn’t”. BUT…really been kinda thinking hard about JJ. TY my friend. Still torn on just this week or ROS.

ended up picking up JJ and had him in the starting lineup until Landry got the thumbs up. Hopefully he’ll keep it going for a while