J.J. Nelson or Larry Fitz

J.J. is behind Fitz on the depth chart but has been targeted more in the first two weeks.

Thanks clan

I have this same issue. I posted the question most people said JJ. But personally, I just feel Fitz is gonna bounce back. I’m considering playing both on my line up cause I see them playing from behind and throwing a lot without DJ

I have the same issue as well. I’m riding the hot hand with JJ.

Is this PPR or no?

I like Fitz. I think Fitz’s volume for the last weeks is an abnormality and he should get more workload this week. Also, given he’s a hometown hero and the Cards are playing the (far superior) Cowboys, they’ll look to him for the catch up with the short third downs.

Go Nelson if you have other more reliable options in your other WR spots because he has a bigger chance of grabbing that bomb down field.

Remember: JJ Nelson is having a hamstring issue and this may factor into his play time. Make sure you’re checking the reports on Monday.