J. Matthews or T. Hilton this week?

Not sure how TY Hilton will do against ARI this week and if Matthews will score me more points vs. CAR. Should I sit Hilton for this week?

Me / Opponent:

M. Ryan / J. Winston
L. McCoy / T. Montgomery
J. Howard / M. Gillislee
T. Hilton / OBJ
E. Sanders / D. Bryant
J. Reed / E. Ebron
M. Lynch / T. Hill
T. Williams / S. Diggs
M. Crosby / S. Gostkowski
Ravens / Patriots

On my bench I have:

K. Cousins
L. Murray
J. Matthews
P. Perkins (thinking of replacing J. Howard this week since he’s Questionable)
M. Wallace

Also this is my first year playing fantasy so welcome any tips! Thanks guys!

Go high upside, it looks like hes projected to outscore you pretty heavily, Mike Wallace might have a better day than both of them, good luck!