J White or J Williams

My husband and I are vying for the first place win in our league so he is no longer helping advise my team with our weekly lineup discussions lol. I want to kick his butt this week and need help polishing up my team.

Would you play J white or J Williams?

Would you play Edelman or Diggs?

Much appreciated!!

Williams cause you don’t know who’s gonna get the work for the pats RBs.

That’s a good question for the WRs. They’re pretty close for me. I think it comes down to predicting game script. I feel like the pats could pull ahead and run out the clock cause the bills suck. As such, I’d probably go Diggs. Plus I’m not a big Edelman fan while I think Diggs is an elite talent. That’s a personal opinion though.

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For WR I’d probably go Edelman. Close one though.

I’m in same situation for RB. I prefer Williams over White.

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Williams for sure. Can’t trust any NE RB.

I give the slightest edge to Diggs, but could go either way on that one.

Good luck!

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Williams for sure. Diggs but it’s close.

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