Ja’mar chase/Fournette for Hunt/Marquise brown

Got offered Kareem Hunt/Marquise Brown for Ja’marr Chase/Fournette. Full point ppr and I’m also a Chubb owner. So stuck on what to do. I want Hunt but idk about giving up Chase for Hollywood Brown. Need advise ASAP. Should I try to get AJ Brown instead, along with Hunt? Or take the trade as is, or reject it?
Chubb was just ruled out. I benched Chubb for Fournette this week which worked out. But my other rb is Dalvin Cook and he should be back but idk how limited he’ll be in this game since his bye week is week 7.

I think this is an even trade, perhaps even slightly better for the Hunt side since I see Hunt as a high-end RB2, Fournette as a low-end RB2 or high-end RB3 (even though he just had that blow-up game), and Chase as a low-end WR1, Hollywood as a high-end WR2. However the fact that you already have Chubb means there is limited upside having both of them, because I doubt you would want to play them both on a given week. Based on that, I don’t think I would make the trade, but if you didn’t have Chubb then I’d probably make the trade. So take that for what you will lol

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