Ja’marr chase waiver value

So if chase was on y’all’s waiver, what percentage of your FAAB would you spend on him?

Each league is different but I think minimum 30%. But I think in many leagues you’d see bids if 60%+.

Ultimately I’d bid by your needs. If you are secure at wr then I would bid but not hugely aggressively. But if I was struggling there then I could take the view this is the best option that might appear all season and throw most of it at him.

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Having drafted smartly enough that a rookie WR would not be an upgrade over any of my drafted players, I think I could go up to 0% of my FAAB budget for the season.

I mean just say you don’t like chase haha. I’d guess that any of the other 6th round WRs could help your team if you’re being honest…