Jackson Chargers or Gibson?

Who should I roster this year?

It’s Gibson. Jackson is the better short term play if you need a starting RB desperately, but Gibson has far more value over the course of the entire season because of his involvement in the offense. Ekeler will be back towards fantasy playoffs, and Kelley will still receive goal line work. So over the whole season, it’s Gibson. Over the next 3 weeks, it’s Jackson.

Help with mine?

Thanks Ollivander,
I heard Eckler might be out for a lot longer than expected. Even perhaps the whole season. Gibson is just a bench spot in case of emergencies but Washington is a mess as I’m sure your aware lol. Anyways What do you think about swift do you think Patricia will actually use him since his jobs online or you think he’s too bullheaded?

On the line, stupid spellcheck ^^

I don’t think Akers is going to be used rest of season, unless someone is hurt or the rams are out of playoff contention

Is their someone else available?

Sorry for the late reply, I didn’t see your question until after my other question LOL, don’t want you t think I’m being selfish.