Jackson/Flacco Risk?

What is the risk of Jackson getting pulled mid-game with Flacco healthy?

I would be more worried about the chargers D in this case. They are great against the rush, I think they are #8 at keeping rushes less than 10 yards. If the rush is slowed for the ravens their entire game plan falls apart. Who’s your second QB?

“Backup” QB is Goff…

Ugh that’s rough. Goff has been disappointing, plus the cardinals are much more susceptible to the run which now the rams have cj and plan on utilizing Kelly. I would probably lean Jackson but I would not be excited about it. Jackson definitely has the power to rush a lot but I seriously think the chargers D can slow the ravens run game.

that is the worry - if Chargers stop/slow the run, then Jackson takes a pretty big hit…
Thinking I may just roll the dice with Goff…and hope that ARI plays for that #1 draft pick :slight_smile:

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Great idea, I’m a rams fan and still would’ve worried about Goff but I’m sure josh Reynolds will end up doing well with Peterson shadowing Robert woods

Flip flopped all night and ended up going with Jackson…fingers crossed!!

Well he did pretty good especially against the chargers, I think you made the right choice. I’m upset I started the Titans over the ravens D the difference was 15 pts to 22 pts that 7 is a huge deal in championship week

Yeah, Jackson ended up being exactly what people said he would be - not great, but not bad. I would say the fantasy points was better than the performance though - without that 68 yard bomb, he would have been pretty poor. Now to watch the Rams game and hope that Goff flops again (as opponent has Cooks :))

I also rolled with the Titans this week and it was rough until that game ending pick-6 :slight_smile:

I hope that Reynolds will be catching any balls from Goff because with Golladay facing Xavier Rhodes I do not want to start him and I chose to start Reynolds. That last play by the titans saved me. Good luck with you matchups, I have to pay close attention all day to inactives it’s going to be a great Sunday.

Good luck to you too! Stressful and exciting day!