Jackson or Allen?

Hey Ballers

Who would you rather have in Dynasty?

Josh Allen or Lamar Jackson??

…Asking for a friend


The correct answer is neither. Lol.

I think both are pretty terrible passers but their rushing upside is enourmous. Lamar’s fumble issue freaks the crap out of me and he doesn’t have the arm strength to potentially make himself something more than completely useless throwing.

I lean the guy with the freaky arm strength and bigger body to take those hits. But I’d rather have many other options than either of them.

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ya i was leaning that way.

I think last year from around week 12/13 to the end of the season, Josh Allen was the QB 1

I drafted Lamar a year ago but was thinking of getting Allen instead.

I don’t think either are particularly long term prospects, wouldn’t want either as my starter in a 1 QB.

I’d lean Jackson as I feel their plays are more designed for him, whereas Allen seems to run more off the cuff.

If you like 1 more than the other, take the guy you like most but I wouldn’t pay much to do it.

I tend to like my QBs to be good passers… go figure… so I stay away from both

I prefer Josh Allen of those two.

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I think Josh Allen will be a QB1 so long as he’s healthy. He is decent passer with huge arm upside (aka 40yrd bonuses if you have those). As a rookie, was the QB#1 for a few weeks with 0 pass catchers on his team and a below average run game. He may not be a top 12 real NFL QB but he for sure is a top 12 fantasy QB. I’m buying him in every dynasty league I’m in. Running QBs have a huge advantage and he is a capable enough passer.

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