Jacksonville DST dropped!

This is important to me because I could use them for week 15 against Washington, but my only reservation is that they’re not recording as many sacks/turnovers as they have in the past.
What are the clan’s thoughts on picking up the Jags for a week 15 stream?

They have the players but the motivation is gone. I would not do it. They also crashed and burned right at the end next year. Really killed me but that is usually what happens with defenses. They seldom can repeat their previous year effort.

I personally believe people are sleeping on the Saints. They have a pass rush, can stop the run and have a decent secondary. I’m picking them up. Nothing is saying they can’t be a solid playoff defense.

Unfortunately the Saints are still owned by the original owner, I’ve been streaming all year and was only looking at the Jags for their week 15 matchup at home vs a depleted o-line and backup QB(albeit one of the better backups).
I have the Pats for week 16 and currently hold the titans as well(they will not be dropped at bear minimum I’m keeping them away from others to stream against me.

With Bortles being benched and other staff changes to risky IMO. They could completely implode. Jags to me are a greasy stick of dynamite. Pats should be fine from here on out if Sony can stay on the field and keep their D fresh. They also have Burkehead returning. That’s what I look for in a D. Can their offense drain the clock and keep their D charged.

Jags have little ability to do that. Their offense will stall and their D will get tired and beatdown no matter who they play.