Jacob Hollister or Ryan Griffin Week 12 full PPR

Full ppr griffin or Abercrombie?

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Griffin. I’m stuck starting Hollister right now because I dropped Griffin for him last week and missed out on re-adding him via waivers this morning.

I’m more on Hollister Wilson is a much better QB and they tend to use the TE more than the Jets do

I am torn on this too. I have Hollister in my line-up right now with Wilson as my QB. But, I also have Lockett starting. Griffin is on waivers.

Should I pick up Griffin and start him so Hollister/Lockett do not take targets away from each other? Or do I throw all Seahawks out there.

I would keep an eye on the whole Lockett injury but I just believe Seahawks have much better offense than the Jets so I am leaning towards Hollister but if you do not feel comfortable throwing all those Seahawks players out there I do not blame you for going with Griffin.

Personally I think the matchup is better for Griffin if we’re talking about this week alone. If you’re worried about ROS I would go with Hollister. Darnold sure loves him some TE targets though, be it Griffin this year or Herndon last year when Darnold turned it on late. Seattle’s offense overall is much better, but lesser competition for targets in NY.

My model says Griffin is better this week, but Hollister RoS (Week 16 vs. Arizona!!). Full disclosure, the model is based on half-point PPR, but should be close. Full TE model is below, and you can see all my models (QB, TE, DST) in my Week 12 streaming post here. Good luck!