Jacobs and Evans for CMC?

Trade Josh Jacobs and Mike Evans for CMC? Here’s my team (1/2PPR):

QB: Rodgers
WR: Keenan, AJ Brown, Evans, Chark, AB
RB: Conner, CEH, Jacobs, Edmonds, Henderson
TE: Fant

You have the depth to cover the loss of Jacobs and Evans.

If the CMC owner is willing to let go of him after holding onto him all this time, attempt it.

CMC owner has more or less given up on the season and is sitting at 1-7. They’re missing so many pieces to injury so a startable RB and WR I was thinking might be worth it to them.

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Do it, the worst that will happen is the trade is rejected.

got rejected. says he wants to wait at least a week to see CMC play before trading him away

You tried. I figured he would want to hold on, since it has been this long with CMC being out.

I have a decent record (4-3-1, 4th place) with CMC being on IR, but have received a few trades for CMC. I have been holding on and hoping CMC will get me back to glory this week coming up.