Jacobs and green for Thomas, Taylor and Evans

I’m in a 16 player .5 ppr work money league. It’s a qb, rb, wr/te, 3flex and def and k. I picked 16th and got stuck with hill and Julio on the first pass. I was able to trade hill before the first game for Jacobs (steal). Now my lineup is

With Kelly and fant as backups ( only 3 bench spots)

Now I have been offered taylor, Thomas and Evans for Jacobs and green.

I’m worried because Thomas and Evans are hurt and if either doesn’t pan out this trade could be real bad. If they both come back to normal it could be amazing. I suspect taylor will be a top 10 back while Jacobs is top 3 this year.

Thoughts from fellow foot clan members. I’m torn on this.

I would keep Jacobs and Green. Thomas would be a great asset but Evans is a liability. I’m a Bucs fan and Brady didn’t look his way enough for me that want to roster Evans. Taylor is intriguing but Hines had a big workload yesterday and I can only assume that’ll increase with Mack out for the season. Green was targeted by Burrow quite a bit and could be a steal as your WR3

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Hard to give up Jacobs, but that’s the type of gamble that could win the league for ya. You’d receive a wr1 and rb1 with potentially another wr1 in Evans I’d do it