Jacobs and green for Thomas taylor and Evans

I’m in a 16 player .5 ppr work money league. It’s a qb, rb, wr/te, 3flex and def and k. I picked 16th and got stuck with hill and Julio on the first pass. I was able to trade hill before the first game for Jacobs (steal). Now my lineup is

With Kelly and fant as backups ( only 3 bench spots)

Now I have been offered taylor, Thomas and Evans for Jacobs and green.

I’m worried because Thomas and Evans are hurt and if either doesn’t pan out this trade could be real bad. If they both come back to normal it could be amazing. I suspect taylor will be a top 10 back while Jacobs is top 3 this year.

Thoughts? I’m torn

Jacobs showed that he can handle a large workload and looks like hes going to be great this year. With the trade you are getting one of if not the best WR in the league and that stack With MT and Julio looks so good, MT might sit one week out and give his ankle a rest its still unclear what his plans are, but if hes healthy you are laughing. Now with Taylor hes in a great postion with Mack being out for the year hes going to get a lot of work and could be a beast this year, the only thing that worries me is if hes going to get the catches, Hines looked like he was the man for when they need their RB to catch passes. And Evens, the guy that could be so good but always finds himself hurt if Godwin is out next week and Evens is healthy he could be in for a big week but when Godwin is back is Evens going to be the #1 guy or is Brady going to look at Godwin again. Personally I love Jacobs this year and the way they are using him in that offence. But honestly I would have to decline the trade, thats hard to say when MT is offered to you but your WRs look good rn and Jacobs is a beast and their is to many unknowns around MT and Evens for me to take the chance. Its up to you but thats my 2 cents

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