Jacobs at 4 overall.. crazy?

Hey footclan. Our draft is tonight. Standard league. 10 teams. QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 TE, 1 WR/RB, 1 K, 1 DEF, 6 BENCH.

I’m in the 4th position. My intel is the draft will go Mcaffery, Zeke, Thomas/Barkley.

Is it crazy to consider Jacobs at 4? That would be taking him over guys like Henry, Cook, Edwards, and Kamara. Barkley even if 3 goes with Thomas.

Is that a crazy idea? An I just being a homer because I am a Raiders fan?

I have a 4th pick in a draft and also thought the same thing. That’s a tough one though. In all my mocks I never drafted him that early. He has the upside. And I might want him over Henry or Kamara, it’s just weird feeling defying him at that spot.

Personally, if you’re not going to go Barkley/Thomas/Kamara, and you’re not not in a PPR league, I might even take Henry over Jacobs.

If you think he is going to be top 5 RB this year I don’t think it is too crazy. That being said, I would 100% take Barkley over Jacobs. After the top 3 RBs I think you can really take anyone you feel most confident about

Standard league there is no way I’m taking Jacobs over Henry, the guy will just get 15-20 rushes every single game with the upside of 25 carries. I personally take CEH over him because of the offense he is one and the scoring they will do. He is much closer though. Henry is on a team that wants to run, that isn’t in a good division as other than the Colts the defenses are not great at all.

I had the fifth pick in our draft and took jacobs. Then got Drake in the second. I feel good about it

I think that’s a bit early for him. If you really want him I’d go one of the higher up RBs and hope he falls to you in the 2nd, which is possible, it use that better RB prospect to trade for Jacobs and a 2nd asset. I wouldn’t reach in the first RD.


Took Henry. Played against Jacobs first week


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