Jacobs fell to me in the 3rd!

Somebody pinch me.
10 team 1/2 PPR league with 6 pt QB TD’s and bonus pts. Put’s a premium on QB’s
1 QB = Very high scoring QB’s with bonus and 6 pt TD’s
2 RB
3 WR - So this is premium position as well and with 2 pt 40 yrd TD Bonus… ya want em
1 TE - I stream.
1 Flex
1 K
1 Def
5 BN
I drafted in the 8 hole and mocked all week expect Jackson and Mahomes to go in the first 5 picks and they did. They went 2 and 4 and if I was in there shoes… I would have also.

Just like my Mocks… I had same choices as my mocks… I mocked… 25 times at least
1.08 Cook (had a choice of Derek Henry and took Cook)
2.03 CEH (tough choice between Eckler, Drake and Jacobs)
3.08 Jacobs… like a gift from the heavens… Did not want to do RB/RB/RB
But Mike said he would take Carson or Connor in the 3rd if they dropped too him
so if I messed up and should have taken Godwin… it’s all Mike’s fault! LOL
I may regret it as I could have gone Godwin. and almost did as I think he is top 5 WR
But went with SOLID 3 headed monster with sooo many WR’s in this draft
4.03 DK Moore - solid WR1
5.08 Robert Woods - Solid WR2
6.03 2nd Gift from God… Kyler Murray fell to the 6th. (Wilson, Watson, Dak all went just before me… so I jumped on it… I hate the QB;s at 8-12 and guessing each week streaming So I am plug and go at QB)
7.08 Tyler Boyd - Solid WR3
8.02 Stefon Diggs (love this pick!) WR4 or WR3 fles
9.08 David Montgomery… in the 9th! I can sit him until the bye weeks and plug him in.
10.03 Brandon Cooks. Another steal in the 10th as he is a WR2 … in the 10th round!!!
Than … thanks to the show. I waited to long on TE and Hurst and Gesicki went… so I said TE Streaming all year it is… :-/
11.08 Diontae Johnson
12.03 Anthony Miller
13.08 TE Jonnu Smith (hind site… I didnt see Fant was still on board… but … cannot win them all)
K/DST who gives a shit… you stream them anyways.

Fantasy Pros gave me a 97/100 I couldn’t mock above 85 and got 97

Love family leagues where they take Def in round 9
the guy who too Mahomes at 1.02 took Brees at 7.02

A Mattison my Cuff is still on waivers and need to dump a WR… which one would you dump to get the Cuff.

I think getting my Cuff since I only have 4 RB’s is good idea?

Who are you dropping Miller, Johnson ?

Hey, absolutely killer draft! Yes I would have Matteson as my handcuff on my bench, especially since Dalvin Cook has not signed an extension yet. There’s always a chance he could still hold out and being in the season. The drop is Anthony Miller for me; QB play in Chicago probably won’t be all that good and likely majority of targets go to Allen Robinson. Not saying Miller won’t have a better year this year, but you’ve got to pick somebody.