Jacobs for Cooper (or bundle for Julio)?

Thoughts on offering Josh Jacobs to get Amari Cooper? Standard Scoring

My situation is that my WR group is pretty week - I have to hold on with Hill and Green’s injuries - leaving me with Anderson, Jones Jr., and Fuller…

On RB I have CMC, Fournette, Michel, and Jacobs… giving Jacobs could get me a better WR, but weakens me if any injury happens (which Fournette and Michel have a history of…)

Opponent only has David Johnson, Tevin Coleman, and Darwin Thompson at RB
They have Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, and Goodwin at WR
So overall real low depth.

OR bundle Jacobs and one of my WR Julio?

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non ppr i wouldn’t trade anything…Jacobs will net you more points than amari imo

Sure, but when I have 3 other top to top-ish RBs, I have one starter riding the bench rather than targeting a player I can look to play more regularly.

[And clearly I don’t mind having more RB depth, but the opportunity is to perhaps get more at WR]