Jacobs for Evans?

Would y’all trade Jacobs for Evans? I have cook, Carson, Montgomery, breida, and Thompson as my other RBs. He’s also asking for mecole Hardman and I would mattison along with Evans. .5 ppr

who are your WRs?

Hopkins, Mike Williams, Josh Gordon, Christian Kirk, mecole Hardman

I think I would, Evans should be your 2nd best WR then. any chance he’d take montgomery instead of jacobs? bears offense sucks

I tried but he would budge… got another offer with juju instead… I would give Jacobs and Williams (but I could counter and no offer Williams and offer Hardman instead) and would get juju. But not sure who I like most ROS

I’d bet JuJu and Evans aren’t that far apart rest of year, Mason Rudolph isn’t a star but he’s not terrible and is going to have to air it out

I’d make that deal. Carson, Montgomery and Breida is a solid set behind cool, and getting Mattison is a wise move.

I wouldn’t touch JuJu without 3 weeks of data for how that offense plays out without Ben.