Jacobs for Mixon + Diontae

Full PPR

I was offered Mixon and Diontae Johnson for my Josh Jacobs. In a vacuum Id say no but with full context I feel like this trade makes sense for me.

WRs: Chark, AJ Brown, D.Parker, Marv Jones, N.Harry

RBs: Jacobs, M.Sanders, J.Taylor, J.Robinson, J.Kelley

I guess it comes down to what you believe about Diontae… I think he remains the target leader rest of season. He’s very enthusiastic about the trade so I may get him to thow in Antonio Gibson for a bench piece as well with the lack of performance so far. Thoughts?

It is a coin flip. I really like Jacobs but if Mixon gets going, you look like a genius. If he is really fired up about it, and you can get Gibson, I would do it. I agree about Johnson, he could be a WR1 by end of season.

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Yeah… Jacobs is getting absurd volume and I was super high on him coming in to the season… but with a lower body soft tissue injury on top of his 3ypc… Im cooling on him.