Jacobs for Woods or Cooper?

Would you offer up Josh Jacobs for Robert Woods?
Standard scoring.

And thoughts on Jacobs for Cooper?

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I would not trade him for Woods outright at this time.

i would absolutely not trade jacobs for woods straight up. odds are you drafted jacobs to be a workhorse, which he totally will be this season. when he starts stringing more games of 20+ carries people will be trying to pry him from your hands midseason.

What about Amari Cooper?
My situation is that I have CMC, Fournette, Michel, and Jacobs at RB, but need to wait out some injuries at WR - Hill, Green, Anderson, Jones Jr., Metcalf, Fuller…

Woods owner has actually now offered trade for Jacobs…I am hesitant…

As a switch option, would you try to move Michel to get Amari Cooper instead? Or does Michel for Woods sound better?