Jacobs/Gallup for AJones?

14 team league, 0.5ppr. Here are my RBs and WRs:

RBs: Jacobs, Carson, RoJo, Zack Moss, Damien Harris

WRs: DJ Moore, AJ Brown, Gallup, Cooks, Anthony Miller

It’s tempting but does leave me thin at WR. Thoughts? Currently 2-1. Could try to get him to add Marvin Jones, he’s on his bench and his matchup this week against banged up NO is tempting.

If its any consolation last week I traded Elliott for Aaron Jones. I don’t like what’s happening in Dallas pertaining to the run game. Dak is going nuts and has so many targets I had to get out of that and the only player I targeted was Aaron Jones. Would I trade Jacobs for Jones? That’s a tough one but I would put my money on the better team with a better QB that can get that extra first down to extend the drive

I wouldn’t. I think Jacobs continues to be a workhorse and will have better matchups allowing him to run wild. His floor is high and his ceiling is high as well. If you did trade it would be Jacobs alone for Jones.