Jacobs out

With jacobs out this week, for replaceing him I have singltary, Dillion and white as options. Thoughts?

I think it’s shameful that you only managed to spell one of their names right.

Maybe that’s a clue…?

Very helpful comment. Or I just wasn’t worried about it, seeing as how you still knew who I was talking about. Thanks for the input though.


Probably Singletary to be honest, I can’t see the Pats needing to throw much vs the Jets. Wouldn’t start Dillon, GB o line didn’t look great albeit against a good Saints D but I’d leave him benched until you see more.

If it’s PPR White will have a safe floor but I just think Singletary will be the better option overall of the three this week.

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That’s where I was leaning as well. My only doubts are if moss is active and takes reps away. That and if GB comes back strong and take jones out for Dillon. But your right, I need to see some work first before starting him in a pinch.

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This is a community forum not a YouTube comment section.

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I think he should be fine, he’s a good runner and can catch the odd pass so he won’t crush your lineup.

Just looking at the ECR and Singletary is higher across all formats, he and White are back to back in PPR so it’s a coin flip there. But standard or half PPR it’s Singletary for me this week.

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I’m plugging my nose and going with Singletary this week

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