Jags DST tonight!

Can you trust the Jags D on a short week on the road for the first round of fantasy playoffs? Or is TEN offensive woes to good of a matchup to not play against.

My other options is the Redskins at home.

Thanks guys!

The Jags are risky because they’ve been bad all year. Normally, a short week favors the defense because offenses have less time to game plan; but, the short week doesn’t apply to Tenn. All that being said, I really think Jax figured something out last week, and with 4net back, the Jags will control the clock. I think if the Jags get 1 turnover they could be a top 5 defense this week; risky no doubt, but I like them.

I don’t totally agree with ‘all year’. They seem to have turned the corner over the past couple of weeks. Balt sacked Mariotta 11 times. Titans at home so that probably won’t happen, but I don’t see the Titans lighting up the scoreboard. I think this is an ugly, low scoring game. Just my take, but I never miss a Titans game and slowing down the game and dirtying things up on defense are the things they have to do to win. Kessler at QB does give me some pause. Titans defense is good too so if Kessler has a few turnovers and gives Titans a short field then that could be an issue. Succop has been kicking more FGs lately than they have been scoring tds.

The titans to me are a decent match up. Mariota is playing well enough that it limits the Jags ceiling in my opinion, but the Titans are not the kind of offense to hand 35 points on the Jags, so you should be fine there. I am much more excited about the Jags in week 15 and 16 though. The redskins defense even with a good match up are not on my radar. It is hard for a defense to succeed when the offense does literally nothing.

^This. Yeah i think i trust the Jags offense to help out their DST a lot more than Washington.

I like the jags dst next week at home vs. Mark Sanchez redskins.

Man F the Jags. Not even trying.

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Played Jags D over Bears D. FML.