Jags, Redskins, Broncos, or Rams D/ST

I know this is a lot to decided between but I need help with this one. I currently have the Broncos and the Rams on my team, but the Jags and the Redskins are on waivers.

The Jags are playing the Redskins who are missing their whole offense, but have Josh Johnson who played pretty well when Sanchez was benched.

The Redskins are playing the Jags, but they just gave up 40 to the Giants.

The Rams are playing Philadelphia with Carson Wentz out, but Foles is not a bad play.

The Broncos are playing Cleveland, who has been hot as of late.

Of those matchups, the Denver option is arguably the safest. The Jags defense could do veeeery well since they are playing at home, and with only a 1 game sample size, we can’t say that Johnson will play well again.

If I had to rank, I would go DEN, JAX, LAR, WSH.