Jags vs Rams DST

Jags were dropped.

Are they worth spending money on? I have Rams already

Rams suck. Why you still holding onto them? Back to back weeks, they’ve surrendered 30+ points. They aren’t good without talib and Peters is playing like he doesn’t even know what coverage is.

Definitely acquire jags over them. Wouldn’t break the bank cause it’s just a DST but they’re a pretty reliable weekly starter so should definitely acquire.


Or is it worth getting that weekly start and spending more than streaming each week

yeah around 5%, probably even a bit more. They have a really juicy slate of games coming up. Basically startable every single week with big upside.

@DAL - prescott is trash
Hou - Watson is most sacked QB in the league, Oline trash, turnover prone
PHI - Neutral matchup
@ind - Juicy matchup
Pitt - YUM. 3+ INT incoming from big ben
@ buf - delicious
IND - delicious
@Ten - Delicious
Was - Delicious, look at what saints just did
@mia - CHampionship week. delicious. Tannehil and the fins.

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I’m kinda torn between Jax and Cle. I’m not using a WW pick for them but hoping later tomorrow both will still be available. (LOL…rrrright). Anyway…I had Cle and like an idiot dropped them to stream DEN. (LOL…don’t ask!!!)

So… been seriously considering trying to get my hands back on Cle…but…their ROS isn’t exactly easy-peasy. So yeah…been eyeing Jax.