Jaguars and Ravens D

I have both the Ravens and Jaguars D right now. Played the Ravens last night and picked up 24 pts.

Life is good.

I refuse to drop one to waivers because I don’t want anyone else to pick it up. Both are just too valuable in my opinion. I’m happy going with whoever has the best matchup on a given week, and both teams have pretty sweet schedules remaining.

But suppose I were to let go of one by including it as part of a trade. Who would you keep and why?

They both are great defenses, and good schedules. Jacksonville’s corners are the real deal, they are a reverse funnel defense primarily. With Baltimore you have the best of both worlds being a top 10 defense both against the pass and run. So I would go with them rest of season.

I have Baltimore in every league myself, it is good isn’t it?

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