Jaguars Def on Waiver

Someone dropped the Jaguars D/ST. I want to hang on to the Chargers for this week since they are playing the Bills. But I want to stash the Jaguars for the following weeks (then dump the Chargers after this weekend). But that means I have to dump someone else. Having a hard time deciding who (and if it’s worth it). What do you guys think?
Bench: Robby Anderson, Keelan Cole, Jordan Wilkins, Doug Baldwin (not dropping this guy though).

I would dump Robby Anderson. I think his games will be too hard to predict based on the first game looks he got. Either that or just stream. You can acquire number one defense through waiver every week.

Thanks Chaos. did you mean “you can’t acquire number one defense through waiver.”?

No i meant you can. Meaning that the matchups you acquire each week could be league leading Defense if played correctly.

Please respond to my post. I need help myself.
Trade Question in .5 ppr 12 team](Trade Question in .5 ppr 12 team)

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oh ok. Thanks!

Dump keelan Cole. He’s not usable yet and don’t know if he will be. Anderson is a trade target. So hold and try to move him. Cole for Jags is best.

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I would dump Keelan Cole. He lost a lot of upside last week on how he was used. I know Robbie isn’t exactly a volume guy but he carries a bigger ceiling. The Jags ran a very condensed offense and played safe keeping the throws short and ran the ball. I think Robbie has some upside yet, even if people are starting to doubt his consistancy

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drop cole !
its not even close…the last value cole has will be ruined by blake bortles!

Thanks guys. I was outbid. The guy paid $15 for the jags dst. I’ll drop Cole if something juicy comes along.