Jakobi Meyers or ty’son williams

Jakobi Meyers or Ty’son Williams Full ppr

Jakobi Meyers.

This is a roster composition question. When I’m about even in depth I lean to the RB given frequent injuries to the position.

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Depends on your roster construction.

Looking at first week performance I think Agholar might have more value in New England, but Myers is a fine deep WR in PPR you could do a lot worse.

Williams at best right now I think is a 50/50 time share, but that could still be valuable on the Ravens. If all things are equal and your roster is balanced I lean RB but if you are short WR then Myers is a guy you could easily plug in come bye weeks or flex in a pinch. If you are short on backs then add Williams.

I took it as a “Who Should I Start?” question and not a “Who Should I Roster?” question, but the OP din’t specify.

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