Jamaal Charles or duke Johnson?

So I’m stuck with another hurt running back after Montgomery broke his rib tonight so I’m scrambling for an RB

I have jamaal Charles as RB3 who had a TD last week. I’m eying duke Johnson because the browns running game is a mess. Johnson seems super valuable to whatever offense they have.

Thoughts ?

Duke burned me pretty bad last year to the point where I avoided him this year. I am wishing I would have paid more attention to him now. I actually like Duke moving forward. The guy was incredible at Miami; a place with a long history of great RBs, and the decline of Crowell has to make one think that Duke’s role will be increased moving forward right?

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That’s exactly what I’m thinking. Last week duke showed his importance to the current offense.

Jamaal Charles seems to me as a stash for now as long as CJ is healthy and playing. But, CJ always gets banged up so its just matter of time until Charles takes over that backfield. On the other hand, Duke already has a prominent role on the Cleveland offense. He is arguably the best " receiver" on that team. Moving forward, I think there will be plenty of games where Cleveland is trailing from behind, which means more passes to Duke and less running for Crowell.

So IMO if you need an rb now its Duke, but I think Charles well be more valuable later in the season.


Exactly my thinking. I need an RB right now so I picked up duke. Ima keep my eye on jamaal tho.

I picked up both in my league lol

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