Jamaal or Aaron REST OF SEASON

Aaron Jones is available in my league, I have Jamaal Williams on my roster. With his suspension ending Im sure AJ will be a hot pick up after this week. I can get him for free now…BUT…I would need to drop Jamaal.
Who is going to be better for the rest of the year?

If anyone has the answer to this question, they should be buying all of the lottery tickets.

Here’s what we know. Aaron Rodgers is hurt. Jamaal Williams is the clear better back at pass protection. In the next couple weeks I expect Williams to be the better play.

Last half of the season is when I think Aaron Jones could be more useful. Is there no other way to pick him up?

The higher upside for fantasy-- Aaron Jones definitely. Unfortunately, pass protection is not given points in fantasy. In that regard if Williams is in there for the next coming weeks, the outcome won’t be favorable for you unless he is going against a really weak defense, just my opinion.

So with that said, I am purely betting on the upside of Jones for stash purposes on my bench. We haven’t seen this year if his pass protection has improved. It just might have.

It’s Aaron Jones

If this was the off-season then I would agree with all, who gives a flying flip about pass protection?

However based on Rodgers current lack of mobility, I think it will be pivotal through the next 2-4 weeks.