Jamaal Williams- drop or stash

I picked him up 30 minutes before he got hurt for depth. Is he out for long? I see Jay Ajayi is ready to come back and my league gives waiver preference to lowest point teams so I either gab Ajayi now or let go. If Williams is ok in a couple of weeks I will just stay with him. ANy word from the green bay people?

Here’s what ESPN is saying right now: Williams was in the throes of getting tackled on the Packers’ first possession Thursday when Eagles defensive lineman Derek Barnett went shoulder first into the RB, who remained motionless on the field for a time before getting stretchered off. Promptly ruled out with head and neck injuries, Williams stayed the night at the hospital, seemingly as a precautionary measure. The Packers haven’t revealed whether or not he suffered a concussion, but it wouldn’t surprise if he ultimately heads to the protocol for head injuries.

The hit was pretty tough, and Williams was awful slow moving after it. Personally I would be concerned…BUT…then again, worst hits than this have seen players back in just a couple of weeks. Sorry…I know this isn’t much help here. :roll_eyes:

THanks for heads up. Aaron jones does not seem to be the answer so I might as well just keep him as a stash. I do not need him but like to hold number 2s who have injury prone number 1s.

Yeah…I wouldn’t be too quick to dump him til we hear further. Just MHO, mind you, and sitting at 1-2 right now (almost worst start of my 6 yr FFB career) LOL… so apparently I could use a little advice myself, …maybe see what others here have to say. Anyway…hope that helped…at least a little buddy!!!

A small correction, Im a packers fan and was watching the game and Barnett went helmet first into Jamaal Williams not shoulder first.

@Fredik…yeah…I was watching the game as well and that’s what it looked like to me too. AND…you could flipping hear it!!! Shoulder to helmet doesn’t usually make that sound!!! I’m curious as to what the NFL will finally decide. Hoping Williams comes out ok. DIDN’T look good!!!

That wasn’t the only helmet hit either the play before Shepard got hammered but they didn’t throw a flag and they knocked out one of their own guys in Madoxx by leading with the helmet later in the game.
I was completely disgusted after the game and not just because Im both a packers fan and someone who started the packers D, but because the eagles were regularly leading with the helmet and two guys left the game on a cart because if it .