Jamaal Williams or CJA

Ahhh this Todd Gurley situation is killing me. I have both Kelly and CJA but am thinking about just starting Jamaal Williams. If I do wait, then I don’t know who to throw in for Gurley, Kelly or CJA…

I also have McGuire, Ballage and Lamar Miller as options. All my alternative RB options play earlier in the day too making this even more difficult. CMC and Chubb are my other starting RBs and I have them both in, just not sure what to do with this Gurley situation.

This is a tough situation. I am on both sides of this I have Gurley in on e league and in the other two I am playing him (also I am a rams fan). So I actually wouldn’t mind if he sat as a fan and the opposition, but in the case he does sit I subsequently have Marlon Mack who I already put in as a replacement. I would suggest Jamaal Williams but I have little faith in the Pack this year. I think Elijah may have a big game due to the matchup and volume he should be getting. If I had to choose I would probably lean Jamaal. As for the rams RBs I would love to say start CJ as Gurley’s replacement, Mcvay has been saying all week that CJ is ready to start in the case Gurley is out, but as good as CJ is its going to be a time share and CJ himself said he’s a little rusty because its been so long since he’s played. I fear that the cardinals horrible rush defense may lead to alot of work on a “out of shape” back leading to Kelly taking alot of snaps as well. The cardinals make every RB look good which could give Kelly the drive he needs to step up finally. I picked up CJ in the leagues that I am playing against Gurley to minimize their options but I will not be playing him. Good luck man, hopefully whoever you choose has a monster game.

Decisions decisions. I may just play Jamaal and play it safe, and hope he gets maybe 10-15 points and hope Chubb and CMC do well. I also have Thielen and hope he doesn’t have another horrible game. We’ll see if any news comes out today or tomorrow morning about Gurley and then I’ll make a decision. Thanks for the input.

Williams. It is unclear who will be the lead back in a Gurley-less Rams offense. We know Jamaal will be the bell cow for the Packers. I’d stick with the volume guarantee of Jamaal over the potential of CJA

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Good idea, I think this may be your best option. Good luck.