Jamaal Williams or DeMarco Murray

I currently have Jamaal starting, but with the news that Aaron Jones cold return has me scared about Jamaal’s role should he return. If Jones returns, should I start DeMarco or Williams?

I’d still start Williams I think. Jones will have a smaller role, but Murray already has a somewhat reduced role with Henry playing well. Plus Houston has been pretty good against the RB. My thought is that the best you’ll get from Murray is a few catches, maybe 20 or 30 yards on the ground, and at best 1 receiving TD (not likely). Williams could go off again against DET, who hasn’t been great against the run.

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Jamal all the way!

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Tampa bay?

My bad, don’t know what I was thinking there…trying to keep track of too many teams I guess

Williams. I’m a Titans fan and DeMarco has been baaaaad

Tough call . murray has been losing touched to Henry plus is still not fully healthy.

For me id go with Williams as well. Houston does’nt allow much on the ground.