Jamaal Williams...value?

I’ve clearly been taking crazy pills.
With all of the Aaron Jones hype going around, are we just completely forgetting that Jamaal Williams even exists??

His current ADP is in the mid-14th round (free)
Not the most exiting talent in the NFL, but still valued by coaches for Pass Protection ability and is a capable enough back with enough touches
Potentially can take the role of a goal line back, giving him TD upside

Am I missing something?? Are we just completely fading Williams out for no reason?

no, i agree we are fading jamaal a little. the problem is… where do you put him? how can you value him with the potential of jones in front of him, and coaching changes? williams is a guy who could surprise a lot. which is why i do love his current value. free, then we get to see how they use them together and drop him if its not desirable. if he gets something in the 10 touches range, he might have some flex appeal especially as you said, a goaline vulture. he isnt someone im targeting specifically, but in certain situations he will end up on my team to start the year.


RIGHT!? I haven’t been mocking a lot this off season so I just jumped back in and I was shocked to see him in the 14th

The issue is, he had the starting job last season while Jones was SSPD and didn’t do enough to keep that job. When Jones came back he took it from him, Jones is the superior talent. Williams isn’t going to put up crazy numbers or excite anyone. He will get a TD here and there but nothing consistent or able to be relied on. If Jones were to get injured, Williams can handle a heavy workload, but he needs A LOT of touches to put up numbers worth paying attention to and he won’t get that unless Jones gets hurt.