Jamal Charles add or not?

Do you add him? Just signed with JAX.

Don’t know yet, wouldn’t waste a waiver, if you have a bench spot why not

No. Just going to denver jamaal charles again except worse cause he’s even older.

I’m personally not wasting a roster slot. Plenty of other players i’d rather own.

I agree. And Charles is probably my all time favorite player. Even if he does carve out a role next to Yeldon, it’s gone as soon as Fournette returns.

I also love Jamaal Charles as a player. Another factor is I don’t want to own one of my favorite players in past his twilight years gathering dust on my bench.

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I don’t see the problem if he has a free spot just don’t waste a claim worst case scenario you drop him for a better option. Although I’m sure there’s more valuable people to pick up, if you have a top 4 waiver claim either Smallwood or Clemente