Jameis AT Ravens

So I’ve been riding the TB roller coaster with Fitzmagic and Jameis most of the year. They are a big part of why I was able to reach the playoffs (2 week playoff, 4 teams). I started my season with Mariota :face_vomiting: and ended up trading for the TB duo and dumping Mariota.

So my dilemma is obvious, Jameis @ Ravens is a disastrous match-up. Do I just suck it up and roll with what got me here or do I pick up the likes of:

  • Josh Allen vs Lions
  • Eli vs Titans
  • Mariota @ Giants :face_vomiting:
  • Driskel vs Oak

I’m leaning towards rolling with Josh Allen, the rushing numbers are crazy, but can he do it for a 4th straight week?

I own Jameis and Mariota and am afraid of both match-ups. I also may be forced to play Corey Davis and Dion Lewis depending on some injuries and going all in on Tenn is :nauseated_face:.

If I could I would roll with Josh Allen, he’s been claimed. I unfortunately don’t have that choice and am looking at Derek Carr vs. Cincy. Would you drop Mariota for Carr?

I’d probably fade winston in the cold at baltimore.

Would probably play Allen vs Lions. Allen has been better than Jackson yet people are somehow obsessed with Jackson and ignore Allen.

Staying away from Winston as well. I have Lamar on my bench and was considering dropping him for Allen or Carr this week. Thoughts on Carr against the Bengals?

Carr in away games = no thx. His home/road splits are worse than Big Ben.

Would rather play Allen.

Thanks, I’ll put in a claim for Allen and take my shot there. Jackson is a bit banged up and might be splitting time if Flacco is back. Also, Jackson is not a very efficient passer where as Allen at least can sling it a bit.

Let’s be real, they’re both awful passers. Allen has worse weapons to pass to. You starting either one is for the rushing upside and Allen has been the most productive running QB this season. Far more so than Jackson. That’s why I’m saying I prefer Allen to Jackson. Also the injury helps too.

Agreed…it’s ugly out there lol this is what is has come too haha

Any interest in Nick Foles at the Rams if Wentz cannot go?