Jameis pickup

Pickup Jameis and drop John Brown in a ppr league and start him over Rivers? Brown is my WR4, just a depth guy at this point

james white? or james who

Jameis, sorry. Auto spell.

Who is your other QB?

Phillip Rivers

I personally say drop Rivers and roll with Winston. If he falls short or gets hurt, stream QBs. Flex depth is more important to have on the bench ImO.

I have Big Ben and he’s on BYE next week- thinking of picking up Jameis and holding him for next week.

QBs are being hoarded in this league. most teams roster 2 and at least 1 has 3. I think brown is my best option to drop. Or deion Lewis or Phillip Lindsay? Have bell, Michel, and Yeldon.

dont drop lewis. Maybe drop lindsay. I would just roster jameis for now

or trade away rivers to someone who needs a QB

Or I could drop njoku as I just grabbed Brate

Actually, drop njoku and brown and grab jameis and Geronimo?

Brown is the number one target on his offense and a crazy deep threat. Been a top 20 WR this season. Allison is 4th target on Rogers list at best, especially if Cobb is playing. Ill advised move IMO.

I stand by my advice of dropping simply Rivers and adding Winston. He is going to be a top 10 QB the remainder of this season.

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