Jameis Winston for Ingram and Carr

Dynasty 1/2ppr, 12 man. I have Brady as my other QB, I have picks 1.02, 1.03, 1.10, 3.03 and 3.10.

I kinda like this trade. I’m very high on Ingram this year.

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To clarify I’d be trading away Ingram and Carr for Winston. Someone else did just offer me Prescott and his 1.08 for Carr and my 1.02. Little high on the draft capital but I think I could negotiate there.

In a one QB league I would not trade away Ingram and Carr for Winston.

I’m not interested in Prescott and 1.08 for Carr and 1.02 either.

1 QB league, unless I’m getting one of the elite guys I never want to give away a position player for a QB. Even for an elite guy I’m very hesitant. So, no trade for me.

I like the trade