Jameis Winston reaction

12 team, 0.5ppr, superflex dynasty

Jameis is looking like the best QB on my roster by a long shot. Obviously I’m not going to move on from home over a 3 game suspension, but do you think it makes sense for me to try to trade for or pick someone else up to cover for those games he’ll miss.

My current QBs: Winston, Tyrod, Flacco, McCarron, Josh Allen

Fitzpatrick and Griffin are both available on the waiver wire. Should I grab one of them or count on some combination of Tyrod, Flacco, and whichever buffalo QB starts to get me through?

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I would pick up Fitz. Unless you don’t have a roster spot or someone to cut.

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I don’t have a roster spot open, but the rest of my team is

RB: Barkley, CMC, Marlon Mack, Theo Riddick, Kalen Ballage, Samaje Perine
WR: Keenan, Alshon, Dez, Godwin, Keelan Cole, Taylor Gabriel, Deon Cain, D.J. Charles, DeaSean Hamilton, Trent Taylor
TE: Henry (IR), Ben Watson, Hooper, ASJ, Mark Andrews

I would lean towards dropping Perine or Trent Taylor. Thoughts? We start 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1 Flex

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WR - Who is Charles?

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Damn auto correct, that was supposed to say D.J. Chark

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I would lean Perine, but not sure about Fitz, anyone else on waivers? Tyrod Taylor?
EDIT: Nevermind you have Tyrod already, just roll with him the first few weeks.

Tyrod will definitely be my guy the first few weeks, but it’s a superflex league, so essentially 2 QB. The question comes down to, does Fitz (who is the only QB on waivers who has a chance of starting) give me a noticeable improvement over the other QBs on my roster?

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Would pick up Fitz. He’s actually a pretty capable fantasy QB when needed. Although he does have a tough schedule. At least you’ll know he’s coming from behind so will be slinging the rock a tonne.

Perine is pretty useless.

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Ah crap…Is there anyone else of interest on waivers?

Tyrod is on your team. You are covered, and potentially for longer than 3 games. I firmly believe Tyrod will outpace what people think. He is fast better than folks credit.

Flacco will be just fine as your QB 2 for those three weeks. Better WR group than before.

I would not do anything solely to help your QB situation. If you want to move for other reasons, that is different.

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