Jameis Winston takes

What’s your feeling about Jameis going forward? I wouldn’t depend on him every week, but I don’t see why he wouldn’t be a viable option of you’re streaming. I can’t defend that performance, but he also had a couple TDs called back that would’ve made his fantasy numbers look better.

I’m just really surprised how many experts are completely dumping him after he was a consensus “must start” week 1 and was on a lot of guy’s sleeper in the late rounds of the draft. My point is I don’t want to completely write him off after week 1, especially since I never considered him to be a no doubt start every week.

I would keep him on bench at least, I’m expecting big things from him
And Godwin. Ok Howard is available in my league but I have hooper and Henry already

Only expecting big things because of what Arians brings to the bucsnoffesne

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Yeah I was higher on him for this season due to Arians alone. That & the draft capital never added up for me. Evans, Godwin, & Howard were being drafted high where Jameis was going late or undrafted. It never made sense to me, but I guess I could see what some people were thinking based on week 1.

Same here - I drafted him fairly early in a dynasty startup (superflex) based on the wall to wall hype from analysts across the board. Was shocked to listen to podcasts this week where all the same guys were talking about him like he’s Brock Osweiler and they never rated him anyway!

I’m stuck with him now so I won’t be dumping him - he’s getting a firm benching until he gets his act together, though.

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Exactly, so many guys have changed their tune quickly.

I was really surprised how quick Mike jumped off of Jameis after one week.

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