James Conner ADP if you drafted today

Where do you think he would go? Where would you take him? If you had no part of the Bell/Conner situation, what would you give up to get Conner? Trying to gauge things while trying to make moves with no horse in the race.

to answer your first question, I think he would probably go in the 4th/5th round because whoever drafts Bell, is going to take him to lock up that backfield.

I personally wouldn’t take him until around the 5th round if I drafted Bell. If I don’t get bell, I’d take him after the 6th, where guys like Ajayi/Burkhead/Lynch went.

When does Bell get drafted at this stage? Still a ways ahead of Conner, right? 5th/6th was what I was thinking for Connor as well.

Bell, still gets taken in the 2nd round. Guaranteed.

Agreed. I don’t think I’d take him in the 2nd, but someone will.