James Conner Advice!

Do you hold or try to trade him? I do not own bell. I offered the mark ingram owner who is 0-4 straight up. Bad idea?

I’d say hold onto him. Even if Bell returns, don’t think he will be playing for the Steelers. Connor is the lead back and they will ride him this whole season

trade to bell owner. bell back in week 8

If you get Ingram for him I would take that in an instant, but I would doubt it. I don’t personally believe they’ll be able to work out any kind of trade. A team would have to give up too much IMO (could be wrong but that’s my observation) and Bell is significantly better than Connor in every aspect of the game so he’s gonna take over.

I say find the guy in your league that doesn’t believe Bell will be playing for the Steelers and send him over there. Otherwise, I doubt you’d be able to get anything of value.

Bell said today he is definitely playing football this season for the Pittsburgh Steelers. he returns during the week 7 bye. @fant_n00b1 @Kroutonn @thekracken

Agreed he said that… Would you think after all the drama with Earl Thomas he will still come back as a franchise tag? He will report, but dont think he will play…

i think it increases the value of Conner in the Bell owner’s eyes…very obviously

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The dude loves football and wants to play so I fully believe (regardless of what happened to Earl Thomas) that he’s going to be playing.

ok…not sure what point you’re making. i didn’t say he isn’t playing or is playing when he gets back with the team. i just said Conner has obvious value to the person who owns Bell in response to you saying Conner has no value to anybody.

Was responding to fant saying he’s gonna report but not gonna play. I think he’s gonna play. That’s all!

I suppose there is some value to most Bell owners, but I own Bell and wouldn’t trade much of anything for Connor but I’m pretty all in on Bell playing.

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Would you trade a TE not named Gronk, Kelce, Ertz, Kittle? I am trying to cover Burton’s bye, short bench means Conner is the least valuable. If I can’t trade him, I may end up dropping him.

Drop Connor? That’s crazy!! Can you pick McDonald or any other TE from the waiver?