James Conner and ___________ for Antonio

Current Rbs are Conner, Zeke, Howard, Burkhead, and A. Jones.
WR’s are Thielen, Marvin Jones, Hogan, Cole, and Watkins.

What’s a package you would put together to try to get Antonio?

Standard 12 team scoring

Or do i target the Bell owner who has Nuke, Djax, J Gordon, R Anderson, Mike WIlliams?

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Just heard them talking about this on the podcast. IMO i’d go Conner+Hogan. Ideally you want to flip a startable WR + Awesome RB for a full season WR1 and that’s the best value without using Thielen right now. You could try Marvin Jones if he’s worried about Gordon, but I value Hogan higher than Jones right now.