James Conner + C. Davis trade

Should I accept a James Conner + C. Davis for A. Cooper trade? I get A. Cooper

My current RBs: Zeke, Barkley, Mixon, Conner with plenty of decent RB’s on the waiver (Breida, Clement, Powell, Lunch, J. Allen, Lindsay)

WRs: K. Allen, D. Adams, E. Sanders, G. Tate, K. Golladay, and C. Davis

8-man home league PPR

Do you start 3WR…?

If so maybe… But if it’s only 2.then no because you will never start him over the other guys.

If it’s a 2RB and a flex then your starting 3RBs and Connor is one of them. If mixon wasn’t out a couple weeks then maybe.

But I’d prob pass.

But I’d also try to pick up berida or Lindsay prob.

In an 8 man league everyone is stacked

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Yes sorry its 2RB and 3WR, no flex… Yea its so stacked that i have no space on my bench… I might drop C. Davis and pick Breida

How about this trade… Zeke, G. Tate and C. Davis for AB and Dalvin Cook

Wouldn’t give up Conner for Cooper straight up! You’re stacked at rb but another injury and you’ll be needy. Likewise another injury for someone else like the fournette owner and they’ll be desperate. I would be aiming for the teir above Conner.

In terms of zeke trade I’d pull the trigger on that. Brown is in a league of his own and cook although banged up is currently at his lowest value. You have the players to see this injury if he misses time and cover.

Would keep Davis over breida too as the massive run padded his numbers and Davis looks like he’s getting targets and will have to catch some of them!

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