James Conner dropped!

Hey Footclan!

James Conner was just dropped yesterday by a member in my league, clearly because he was injured, yet again…

I would love to pick him up and stash them on my bench, but in this league we only have five bench spots and no IR spot.

Would you drop any of these players to pick him up? I’m a little dubious.

DeVante Parker
AJ Green
David Montgomery
JK Dobbins
*David Johnson is the fifth player on my bench, but I’m clearly not dropping him.

1/2 PPR, 3 WR league, 10 team.
My current starting wide receivers are Thielen, DJ Moore, Robert woods. My current starting running backs are mixing and Dalvin cook.

Love to hear your thoughts!!!

Mixon not mixing

I would drop Parker Conner may be out for 1 or 2 weeks but it dosnt look like hes going to sitting for long. Not sure i have enough trust in the Miami WRs


Any other thoughts?

I would def drop Parker

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If you are ready to deal with the James Conner Headache, then drop Parker for him

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Agree with Conner being a headache. I just hate having a player who has so many unknowns regarding health. Conner is the player who is a game-time go and plays two series and is done for the day. I’d pass.

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Thanks everyone! Great advice.

Uh, Parker no question! He has a soft tissue injury and running back depth is paramount.