James Conner Dynasty Value

What are the chanes Conner is the steelers starter next year? I was offered Conner for Ajayi?

i think pretty good after seeing how hes doing with the lead roll and he was in 100% of snaps last week so hes showing he can handle volume. i wouldnt do that trade because ajayi may have his moments but the eagles backfield is a committee backfield and ajayi is in his contract year.

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Wouldn’t trade Connor is a dynasty at all. he will be their bellcow for many years I think

theres a few players id trade connors for but its damn near rare like barkley no brainer

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Very few players. Honestly Gurley, Kamara and Barkley might be the only 3. You could make an argument for OBJ

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Would definitely NOT do this trade

Don’t do it.

Yea I did same thing in our keeper league, any value this year is gravy, but gotta stash for next year.