James Conner For Julio?

Please help I’m pretty desperate to win being 3-5 now. 10 man half point ppr

QB: Goff and Wentz
RB: Melvin, Lindsay, Royce Freeman, McGuire, clement
WR: Julio, thielen, Kupp, Sutton, Tyrell Williams
Te: Burton and Doyle
D: Bears
K: Greg Z

Dude how are you 3-5 with that team?? Bad luck. Look don’t do it. Keep julio, your about to go on a winning streak.

I have been absolutely screwed in the luck department lol. I guess I’ll hold tight and see what happens. I’ve tried to do literally everything possible this season. Injuries have really jacked me. I had Mac first of season but dropped him while he was hurt and the colts looked awful running game wise. Then ajayi and Rex went down🙄

I’d actually rather have Connor, but it’s very volatile. I think you’ve got a solid team and you should be due for some wins. Hopefully Gordon plays this week. Lindsay’s a good RB2. Hopefully someone on your team will boom and you can package for a more solid RB2

Why would you rather have an RB who’s future is unknown *albiet elite status until things change, over a guaranteed elite WR?

I wouldnt do it as Bell has to report by Nov 13 to accrual for the whole season. Connor might be in a timeshare backfield in a week or two.