James Conner for Kenny Golladay: Good trade?

Hello footclans -
So this is my current squad… Is trading away Golladay for Conner a good deal for me? The other guy is weak in WR depth. I know Conner is on a week to week basis, but I am pretty sure Bell will not be returning to Pittsburgh after such a long hold out. What do you all think?

Good trade for you for sure. I would guess the Conner owner is probably looking for something more substantial though.

Yes… Offer it up…

If I was the connor owner I wouldn’t take it though

If so, who should I give up?

Who would you have considered rather?

get Conner, especially with Mixon hobbled. i would dump 2cd TE and go for J Brown…etc on waivers if allowed in your leauge. Aaron is back week 3 …I have him too

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