James Conner for Kerryon and Edelman?

Got offered a trade since I have James Conner. I don’t have WR at all (hill owner) my other RBs are Chris Carson, and Sony…

Any advice appreciated

Yes, I much prefer the Kerryon and Edelman side.

Both Conner and Edelman are talented enough RBs but in need of volume on a good offense to produce at a high level. Neither guy has that offense. So, I see both as a high upside RB2 (high upside if they score more than once).

Meanwhile, you get a WR who, when healthy, will see 10+ targets from Brady and be a PPR machine

Take this and run away. Kerryon and Conner are a wash imo, if anything Kerryon is more consistent which you may need with Carson and Sony. And Edelman is just a beautiful cherry on top.

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I would do the trade. Kerryon got 20 carries last week !!!