James Conner for Mark Ingram?

Was brought up to me and it sounds interesting

I’d rather have james Conner side of that trade.

Saints haven’t come close to filling Ingram’s role with Williams or Gillislee. Why would you bank Bell doesn’t show until week 10 on a guy you could have a good chunk of the year that has produced at a high level as recently as last year? Not saying you are wrong. I just want to hear a little more as to your reasoning.

Right now I am doing the same as Conner owner as I am just riding it out, but I am not getting the kind of offers I see a lot of people posting on here.

My reservations when it comes to ingram:

  1. Ingram is not a locked and loaded RB1. Ingram was an absolute BEAST and stud early on in the season when he was leading the back field in touches. In the first 10 weeks, he had more than 20 touches 5 times. He finished as a top 6-8 RB in like 3-4 out of those weeks. However, from week 11 on, he never exceeded 20 touches again. In fact, from week 12 to week 16 and including in the playoffs, he finished as an RB1 once. And that was week 15 against the jets who sucked at football and he scored 2 TDs. He never even exceeded 15 carries once after week 11. So to simply look at his season total finish as an RB1 and assume he will just be an every week RB1 starter upon return against one of the worst rushing schedules seems like a stretch to me given most of the points Ingram scored to get that RB1 finish last year was during the first half of the season. Ingram is not as efficient as Kamara so he needs the volume to make up for it.

  2. Kamara. Kamara is a stud and has been since he exploded onto the scene next year. I don’t see Ingram leading the backfield in touches again when he comes back. He wasn’t even doing that during the latter part of the last season. In fact, from week 13 on wards (excluding 14 where Kamara got a concussion), Kamara was the one that led that backfield in touches. Kamara also led him in snaps at a close to 60/40 split during later last season + play offs when it counted most.

  3. Ingram has arguably one of the worst schedules for RBs coming back. First of all, he’s suspended for 4 weeks so that’s already 2 weeks out the window. Then when he comes back he gets this:

Week 5: vs Skins - First week back, might get eased back / punished by Payton who has done that type of thing before. Also, skins D is pretty good.
Week 6: Bye
Week 7: @ Baltimore - Top Run/Pass D
Week 8: @ Minnesota - Top Run/Pass D
Week 9: vs Rams - This could be a good game, Rams Run D hasn’t been stellar although it’s a new group so may just be taking time to gel.
Week 10: @Cinc - Was okay last year, so far this year has been stellar (top 6) even without burfict. Should be even better once he returns.
Week 11: vs Phi - Another top run D
Week 12: ATL - This is a very good match-up and definitely a must start

So when it’s all said and done. you might not even really get that great of production out of ingram when he comes back until like week 9.

All the while, Conner (who I think everyone now knows is not the talent level of Bell) will still be performing just because they have a great Oline and will have a lot of looks in the red zone.

I just think that value wise, you can get more for conner in a trade (esp to Bell owner), and if not, more production on the field as well when it’s all said and done.

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